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Instructional Keyboard Cover (Synthetic - Single Pack)

Instructional Keyboard Cover (Synthetic - Single Pack)

$ 19.99

Our keyboard covers are now available for individual purchase! The individual model is made of durable plastic and has two foldable wings for easy set up and storage. 

Once assembled, the cover will sit comfortably over the keyboard to hide the student’s hands from view while still providing plenty of space for movement. The surface of the cover features a color-coded graphic displaying the standard QWERTY keyboard layout as a helpful reference for your students to position their fingers properly. Each key on the graphic is assigned a color corresponding to a finger, reminding students which finger to use for every keystroke.

Recommended for anyone in the process of learning touch typing in a class or home setting.

This package contains 1 cover intended for individual use. Cover is shipped unassembled. Some assembly required. May be easily disassembled for storage.

Dimensions when assembled: 19" Width x 4.5" Height

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